By Alexis Bennett
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

Wintertime is the perfect season to swap your usual bright red lipstick for a darker, warmer shade à la Jessica Alba. InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield, sat down with one Alba's favorite makeup artists, Lauren Andersen, to find out how to easily achieve the dramatic lip stain. "It's a really fast way to bump up your look," Andersen said. Plus, the vamp color will work well with most complexions. "If you have a great smile let's draw attention to it rather than [focusing on] 'What skin color do I have?'"

"The first step is having really great, conditioned lips." Andersen then applied the color to Barfield's lips with a small brush to increase precision. "I start in the center and then kind of build my way out, and make sure the edges are nice and clean." Andersen applied the Avon Beyond Color Lipstick in Revenge ($8; to Barfield's pucker, and even demoed how to prevent from getting stains on your teeth. Watch the video above to learn her trick—and see all of the simple steps.