By Alexis Bennett
Jan 25, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

Jennifer Aniston has been giving us major hair envy for decades with her amazing blowouts. Those famous blonde strands have been an inspiration to so many that it's been one of those evergreen hallmarks of good hair. So in a burst of "we can do this!", we enlisted the help of Living Proof Celebrity Stylist, Chris McMillan, and he demonstrated the easy to follow steps to achieving a perfect blowout after every single wash. 

InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor-At-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown was excited to find out that his method is pretty simple. "The key thing that I found really impressive is that you didn't really use any tools besides a blow dryer," she aid. That's right, all you'll need is a blow dryer and a round brush. 

There aren't any fancy techniques; It's all about making sure the hair is properly prepared. McMillan explained, "The key to this, first of all, is a really good shampoo and conditioner." The expert wasn't shy about sharing his professional secrets. Press play at the top to learn how he does it.