By Jonathan Borge
Jul 04, 2015 @ 11:45 am

As celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright explains in the video above, the only two products you need to recreate Iggy Azalea’s pompadour ponytail are hairspray and a wax-like formula like Tigi’s Bed Head Hair Stick ($9.99, So can you pull off the same ‘do that on-stage divas like Azalea are so accustomed to? “That’s the thing about celebrities, they always want to go big, but for the everyday woman, I know how to bring it down,” Wright tells InStyle’s special projects editor Stephanie Samson. The pro’s tips include beginning the process by curling the hair for a tousled, lived-in look, and making sure to give your ponytail plenty of volume at the end. Watch the full video above to nail the sporty-glam look for yourself!