Structured waves have been the go-to look of the stars for several seasons now. From the red carpet to their street style, Hollywood's bombshells just can't get enough of the glamorous curls. To find out how to get the camera-ready 'do, we went straight to the pros. Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh demonstrated how to recreate the look that he styled on Taylor Schilling for the 2015 Emmys on InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield-Brown.

Before revealing the steps, Josh explained; "The tips that I'm going to give you are going to be invaluable, not only for this look, but to carry on to multiple looks. It's all in the technique, and it's all in the tools. So, all you really need [to add] is some hairspray." To shape the ringlets, Josh reaches for a 1-inch iron, and advises viewers to always go smaller even if you want big waves because they will drop.

"It's really important that the size and the consistency of each section is even," the hair pro adds. "If it is not even, then you are going to have an unmatched wave pattern." Once you've made it half way around the head, Josh recommends taking a look at what you've done so far, and set the ringlets in place with a finishing spray. "I love using the KeraFlex from John Frieda ($9;, because it's super lightweight, and you definitely want lightweight." Press play in the video above to watch all of the glamorous details.