When your job requirements include shaking your assets on stage for the entire world to admire, it’s important to make sure your hair stays in place. And we're guessing that’s exactly why Jennifer Lopez so often chooses to slick her hair back into a topknot. The star not only rocks the look while dancing, but also on the red carpet, and while seated behind the American Idol judges' table. So how can you replicate the totally versatile bun? InStyle’s special projects editor, Stephanie Samson, asked celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins to take her through the process.

Atkins begins by creating a ponytail with the top half of the hair. The key to a perfect tail? Use your eye line and come up at an angle so it hits the top of your head—do this to prevent your bun from looking too ‘80s. To complete the steps, you’ll need bobby pins, a bungee band, a strong hold hairspray like Drybar’s The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray ($27,, and (surprisingly), eye shadow. Watch the full video above to see Atkin explain each step.