Each and every time a hairstylist asks me how I want my hair blown out, I say the same exact thing: "Messy. Think bedhead, and not too perfect!" It's a vibe that I've stolen from my hair muses Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, two women who have chosen the undone, imperfect, just-slept-on style as their signature loo throughout the years.

Because I don't have access to their glam squad every time I want to do my hair, I've had to refine my hairstyling skills and create my own bedhead tutorial. It does take some skill with a curling wand and a few products, like dry shampoo and texturizing spray, but it's actually a pretty foolproof process.

I start off my brushing out my hair and sectioning it off. Then, I curl my entire head of hair in roughly 1-inch sections. The next step is actually the key to the entire look. After you're done curling, you must separate your curls or brush them out. That's what gives you that cool and effortless-looking wave.

While MK&A seem to prefer a subtle bedhead, I like to play up volume, so I really lean into spritzing dry shampoo at my roots and texturizing spray on my mid-lengths to add a bit of body to my hair.

To get the full rundown on my how-to, check out the video above.