By Jonathan Borge
Mar 20, 2016 @ 9:30 am

They say fairytale love stories are just that. Who could possibly find Prince Charming and have him whisk you away to a dreamy destination for an unforgettable declaration of his affection? Well, the folks over at Luxe Paris Events have pieced every romantic's fantasy into a nearly three-minute video that’ll seriously make you want to meet—or settle down with—“the one,” stat.

Created by Zen Film Works, the clip finds two models taking on the role of Mr. and Mrs. soon-to-be-married. As the first few moments begin to play we see idyllic imagery from the streets of Paris, the City of Love, of course, and the gorgeous couple waking up, still tucked into their all-white, silky soft bed.

Still not ready to raise a glass to National Proposal Day (today, btw)? As the mini-film progresses, we learn that it’s not just any old morning for the smiling pair. In fact, they each begin to prepare for (what else?) their candle-lit evening wedding. The beauty slips on a breathtaking ivory Paolo Corona dress with a billowing cape while the groom rocks his well-tailored suit with ease. They pose in front of a vintage-looking sports car outside of what appears to be a hotel and, moments later, begin to exchange vows with, naturally, the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Don’t think we didn’t notice the gorgeous, presumably diamond rock, too. Throw in a bubbly glass of champagne, multi-layered metallic cake, and it’s safe to say we too are officially in love.

See more of the picture-perfect shots and the full video above.