By Dobrina Zhekova
Aug 25, 2016 @ 4:30 pm

Not only does the September issue of InStyle feature all of fall's chic fashion must-haves and our gorgeous cover girl Kerry Washington in her most revealing Q&A yet, it also introduces a brand new column by astrologer Susan Miller. Make no mistake, though—this is not your ordinary horoscope column—it is actually the product of months-long hard work and coordination of InStyle's Accessories Director Sam Broekema, Miller, and New York-based artist extraordinaire, Bruno Grizzo.

"This is the first time that InStyle has featured any product on its horoscope page. Each month we'll have a different concept based on the character of that astrological sign," explains Broekema.

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The goal? "It gives our reader a different option of how to express herself through her accessories, be it through colorful stones in September or a new way to wear your bags (spoiler alert!)."

InStyle enlisted the help of the uber talented Grizzo to tie it all together into one stylish fashion illustration. The choice to go with Grizzo was a no-brainer—the Brazil-native has already worked on multiples projects for Givenchy, Coach, and Kate Spade, among (many) others.

"It’s very exciting because it’s a horoscope [column] so I have to come up with different ideas representing the sign and then take into consideration the accessory," says Grizzo.

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"I usually make between 10 to 20 drawings before I settle on one. But even then, I have to try a couple of poses, see what angle the piece is represented best, the shadow, and how it complements the drawing. So there is a synergy between the drawing and the accessory."

For this month's sign, Grizzo worked with a stunning 18kt pink gold Bulgari necklace that features amethyst, turquoise, and diamond stones that Broekema picked for Virgo. "We wanted it to feel feminine and youthful," Broekema said. "Bulgari’s new high jewelry is colorful, fun, and elegant so [it] felt like a perfect fit."

Then it was Grizzo's turn to take the concept and reimagine it as a stylish illustration.

"I was playing around with it. It’s quite beautiful, it has this glow so I did the silhouette of a woman," he said. "The other option was a woman who walks around and it follows along."

Unlike other artists, Grizzo's creative process doesn't include finding inspiration before he starts drawing. It's quite the opposite.

"Sometimes, it’s about just one line and then from there I kind of start doing research and I see if there are any images that I can use as inspiration. So the inspiration comes a little bit with the process of drawing rather than just looking at something," he explained.

Watch the video above to take an exclusive sneak peek at Grizzo's work for InStyle.