Forget A Christmas StoryBilly Murray's A Very Murray Christmas is going to be the must-watch holiday event of the season. The hilarious comedian has teamed up with some of Hollywood's biggest names to bring us viewers the special that we didn't even know our December needed. 

In a new trailer for the Netflix event, Murray, who plays himself, is set to host a Christmas special with his friends when the unthinkable happens—a blizzard shuts down New York City. What will he do? Well, thankfully Murray has George Clooney on speed-dial, something Amy Poehler is especially thrilled about. 

But Clooney and Poehler aren't the only stars that Murray recruits to pull together his special. Miley Cyrus performs, Michael Cera insults The Monuments Men, and we get a glimpse of Chris Rock. Thank goodness everyone was staying at The Carlyle Hotel during Christmas. 

Watch the trailer above and mark your calendars: A Very Murray Christmas will start streaming on Netflix Dec. 4.