There are only three more shows to go before David Letterman signs off for good, and it looks like he wants to make every second count: When George Clooney stopped by last night, the host turned into a total fan girl. "You have beautiful eyes," Letterman told him, before whipping out his phone to take a selfie with the actor.

It wasn't a particularly graceful attempt, though. "You just took a picture of the audience," Clooney informed him after the first try. "When the wrong age of people take selfies, there's pictures of other people." (They did finally get it right.)

Oh, and did we mention that Clooney had already handcuffed himself to Letterman and tossed away the key at the start of the show? "You're not going anywhere," Clooney insisted, echoing the sentiment of every star who has been lucky enough to appear on Letterman's final few shows.

Details about his very last episode next Wednesday are still under wraps, but Monday and Tuesday will feature Tom Hanks, Eddie Vedder, and Bill Murray. Click the video above to watch the two handsome gentlemen bro down.