By Rita Kokshanian
Feb 25, 2013 @ 2:30 pm

Gabrielle Union has come a long way since her teen queen roles in movies like Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You. The actress, who tied the knot with longtime love Dwayne Wade last summer, is the star of BET's Being Mary Jane and just appeared in 2014's Top Five. In the latest addition to Entertainment Weekly's Lightbulb Series, the magazine sat down with actress Gabrielle Union to get the lowdown on what inspires her and her career transition.

"I'm like kale. I've been around, but they, you know, oh, kale's good! it's like oh, that's nice," Union says of the transition from teen movies to serious adult roles, adding that it was a challenge. "I need kale's publicist. 'Cause kale is everywhere." Vegetable comparisons aside, Union has established herself as a serious actress who can hold her own alongside the best of them, like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Kevin Hart. "I watch. I love to study people as a sociology major. I did a lot of field study where I'm just watching people and taking notes, and I sort of use that in my job."

As for what's next for the actress, Union says she wants to keep putting realism and honesty in her roles. "I want to do good work, I want to do work that challenges me and that I’m proud of." See the full video above, and head over to to check out all the videos from their Lightbulb series.