This is the Full House we never knew we needed. While most of the cast of the original show reunited for the Netflix reboot, Fuller House, it seems the nostalgic, true-to-story remake isn't exactly what Stephen Colbert had in mind. On Wednesday, John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier stopped by The Late Show, where along with the host they gave the show a Law & Order-type adaptation, and you have to see it to believe it.

Called Full House Nights, Saget, Stamos, and Coulier still play adult roommates, although in this rendition they've "seen a little bit too much." The three are detectives who have some interesting interrogation tactics, to say the least, which they put to use when questioning Colbert's character, Dmitri, a strip club owner who deals drugs on the side.

While Uncle Jesse uses his fist to get Dmitri to confess, Danny tries to coax him with cheeseburgers. But it's Uncle Joey's hilarious questioning strategy that eventually gets the criminal to crack. Watch the full skit above to see it, and prepare to never view the "Full House daddies" in the same way again.