By Isabel Jones
Updated Dec 04, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Have you ever found yourself torn between bundling up with a wool scarf or stepping out in a cozy sweaterdress? Well, fret no more, you can now have it both ways.

Bulgarian brand Dukyana has done the unthinkable, creating a scarf that’s actually a dress—or is it a dress that’s actually a scarf?

For $280, you can beat the winter chill by draping an eight-foot-long “chunky mohair tube scarf” from shoulder to ankle—and by drape, we mean crawl inside.

You see, the garment is truly tubular (no '80s superlative intended). It’s a knit cylindrical scarf that encapsulates your body in mohair goodness. Though you may be inclined to call it a dress, note that there are no arm holes.

See for yourself:

Dukyana Scarf
Credit: Courtesy

Is this the office blanket upgrade we’ve been dreaming of? Perhaps.

The only downside (except for, you know, the arm holes) is that’s it’s not immediately available. According to Dukayana’s website, the item will ship 10 to 14 days after your purchase is processed—Christmas shoppers, beware!

Ridiculous, or ridiculously amazing? You be the judge.