We're kind of obsessed with Khloé Kardashian's new show Revenge Body, over here at InStyle, so we enlisted the help of celebrity and Revenge Body trainer, and Fitbit Ambassador Harley Pasternak, to show us some killer moves used on the show. 

"Remember, regardless of how many lunges or squats you do, you still need to hit your step goal every day, get enough sleep, [and] eat properly," for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. "Those are the foundation," he explained. "These [exercises are] just to make you strong and toned."

We kicked things off with a classic jump lunge, and then made our way into what Pasternak calls the "good morning" exercise. It's similar to a stiff leg dead lift, and you'll be able to "feel your hamstring stretch, [and] feel your glutes work," he said.

Pasternak also gave us a bonus move called the glute-ham walk. "Take small steps, keeping the glutes contracted the whole time and lengthening the hamstrings as you step away and squeezing the hamstrings and shortening them as you bring your legs back toward you," he instructed. 

Watch the full video above to see how it's done!