By Jennifer Davis
Nov 10, 2015 @ 10:45 am

Everyone's favorite forgetful blue tang fish is back! The first trailer for the sequel to Pixar's wildly successful Finding Nemo is here, and from the looks of the clip audiences can expect another big adventure. 

Set six months after Dory and Marlin's quest to retrieve Nemo from captivity, the trio is now back in their anemone living together peacefully. However, their quiet life in the reef is short-lived when a bout of "sleep swimming" causes Dory to (gasp!) remember something about her family. Thanks to this revelation, she decides to set out on a journey with her clownfish friends to find her long lost relatives. Or as the trailer puts it: "An unforgettable adventure she probably won't remember." 

Watch the trailer above to get your first glimpse at Finding Dory, and mark your calendars—the film hits theaters June 17, 2016.