Anna Faris and Chris Pratt aren't just one of the cutest couples in all of Hollywood, they also happen to have one of the cutest babies. But the power of Faris-Pratt lovability didn't deter one star from shushing their child on a flight. The Mom star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night where she shared a story about taking the long journey back from London to Los Angeles after visiting the Guardians of the Galaxy set with their young son, Jack, only to have a fellow actor get annoyed by their presence.

Faris—who looked lovely in a white suit during her appearance—told host Jimmy Kimmel that while her "beautiful little boy" was making just a little bit of noise before take off ("Being adorable, I thought"), someone else felt differently. "Across the aisle I hear a 'Shhhh!' and I look over and it's Mickey Rourke!" The actress said that Rourke grumbled about the noises coming from her son, though they both eventually fell asleep and "the rest of the flight was okay."

But, as it turns out, Faris isn't the only parent in Hollywood to go through this experience. When she told a Mom writer about her Rourke flight woe, the writer said the same thing happened to her at a restaurant! As Faris put it, "Apparently Mickey Rourke has a thing ... he likes to shush babies."

Watch Anna Faris tell her memorable airplane story to Jimmy Kimmel by clicking on the video above.