By Meredith Lepore
Dec 01, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

When your dad is a professional motocross racer and your mom spends most of her concerts hanging from a silk rope, you can't blame a 4-year-old for trying to do both. Pink explained on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday night that her young daughter, Willow Sage Hart, is definitely taking after her and dad's pursuit of rather risky activities. Willow's dad and Pink's husband is Carey Hart, a retired freestyle motocross and motorcycle racer, and now off-road truck racer. "If she was a cereal, I'd call her 'Nutty Delicious.' She's nutty. Crazy," she told Fallon while giggling. 

And apparently, she also has some spunk. After Fallon showed a picture of Willow on a dirt bike, Pink said, "That was right after she got done saying, 'Dad, I wish you'd move so I could go fast.'"

Then Fallon showed the audience a photo of a very strong Willow climbing up a rope like her mom. "She does silks now," said Pink, referring to the rope she hangs from and does acrobatic tricks upon while also singing during most of her concerts and performances. 

"Is that what you call it? Silks?" Fallon asked. 

"Yes, the ribbon that I hang from occasionally," she told him. 

"Do you feel like you have to do that now?" Fallon asked referring to the silks. 

"I like to do it. My mom asks me that. Are you ever gonna stay on the ground?" she said impersonating her mom. "You could be so pretty if you tried." Watch Pink talk more about her daughter and Thanksgiving in the image above. 

The Grammy Award-winning singer was named a UNICEF Ambassador earlier this week.