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PEOPLE.COM/Mackenzie Schmidt
Mar 15, 2017 @ 10:30 am

Could Carrie Bradshaw, Monica Gellar, or Ted Mosby really afford to live in their swanky city pads?

Your favorite TV characters have some impressive (and notoriously unrealistic) real estate holdings. Carrie Bradshaw’s Upper East Side digs for a freelance writer? Not so much. Coinage estimates her fictional $750/month rent would be closer to $2,800.

The most beloved apartments in recent TV history are also some of the most outlandish. Monica Gellar and Rachel live in a sprawling two bedroom in New York’s West Village neighborhood. While Gellar’s apartment was unofficially inherited from her grandmother and is rent controlled, Coinage puts the 2017 rent for a similar space at $4,500 per month.

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See more real costs of famous TV apartments in the video above.

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