By Gwendolyn Rahn
Sep 04, 2015 @ 10:15 am

The celebrity sightings and outlandish outfits aren’t the only things we’re looking forward to during this season’s New York Fashion Week. While we appreciate the parade of models and glamorous parties as much as the next person, our favorite part of this fashion-forward season is the myriad style personalities we see walk the streets of NYC. From the eccentric creative to the stylish executive, we teamed up with the jewelry experts at PANDORA Jewelry to follow the morning routing of four powerhouse personas you’re bound to see sitting front row.


You’ll always find her swarmed by photographers, and you’re probably one of her 500,000 Instagram followers. Whether she’s rocking that outfit you’re convinced you could never pull off, or profiled on every street style website ever, the trendy risk taker is our boldest fashion personality who isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Her secret? A killer pair of over-the-knee boots, a statement hat, and countless bracelets and rings.


She’s the woman the front-row bloggers hope to be one day. She’s the #girlboss and the brains behind your favorite brands. While she tends to keep her look clean and simple, it always packs a punch. Add a serious dose of sass to your executive style with strappy stilettos and layers of your favorite necklaces.


You're jealous because she can get away with wearing ripped jeans to work, but love her because she’s full of  “I’d never think to put those together” style moments. Her laid-back eccentricity comes with a little bit of a rocker edge, and she rolls her eyes whenever someone tells her she’s not abiding by the fashion rules. Get her look by incorporating long, flowy pieces with plenty of statements rings and leather-wrapped bracelets.


She’s polished and pristine, and would never be caught without a perfectly painted bold lip. Whether she’s a fashion editor or the creative mind behind your new favorite blog, she’s the perfect dose of trendy and sophisticated (think: leather pencil skirts and classic silver bracelets) and is always donning a lust-worthy ensemble.