By Jonathan Borge
Oct 02, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

House of DVF’s second season is in full swing and while contestants Leigh Fidler and Cat Wennekamp roamed across Paris on last week’s episode, we’re still holding our breath to see who will be next on the chopping block. From boasting psychic-like abilities to knowing how to design a magazine-inspired layout, each eager brand ambassador-in-the-making boasts unique skills. But, as we’ll learn on this week’s episode, you can never be too prepared to impress Diane von Furstenberg.

In the exclusive clip above, 25-year-old University of Barcelona grad Chantal Trujillo is nothing but surprised when she’s asked to climb that seemingly endless staircase to meet with the beloved designer herself. When the legend asks Chantal what she thinks she should know about her, the young contestant is unable to deliver and enters a self described “DVF blackout.”

And while you’ll have to wait ‘til Sunday night to see the outcome of Trujillo’s bleak meeting, you can participate right now in the TV show’s “How I Became the Woman I Wanted to Be” contest in which one confident woman will be prized with a DVF print-wrapped Fiat 500x during the Nov. 1 season finale. So how can you enter? Now through Oct. 12, simply take to Twitter to explain how you became the woman you wanted to be, share a photo of yourself, and be sure to include the hashtag #DVFxFIATcontest all together.

Click here to learn more—and watch the full sneak peek of this Sunday’s episode above.