By Jenny Berg
Aug 09, 2017 @ 9:30 pm
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At first glance, Gucci and Everlane don't have much in common. The former is a high-fashion brand that oozes Italian glamour and wealth, all while keeping Jared Leto draped in pink, silky topcoats. For its part, Everlane is a down-to-earth brand that puts out sharp, ethically made basics—and takes a stand against markups. 

But, the two companies share this: neither one is here a for knockoffs. And tonight, Everlane took to Instagram to voice its support for Gucci in a lawsuit that takes Forever 21 to task for lifting the Italian brand's signature patterns. 

"We support Gucci," began the statement. "Those are not words you might have expected to hear from us." 

The statement went on to explain that—while Everlane gets a bit squeamish at high price tags —luxury fashion reflects an undeniable investment of time, research, and artistry. And all of that effort and intellectual property is the property of the brand. 

"We are not denying that sometimes brands inspire and influence each other," the statement went on to say. "That's what creates trend. But this is not that. The styles in question are clear knockoffs—including a signature print and design—just recreated at a lower quality and a lower price. In this case, Forever 21 is directly profiting off of Gucci's unique designs. " 

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This stance makes sense, coming from a brand that's all about ethical practices.