Entourage has seen its share of major celebrity cameos. Everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Sofia Vergara has made an appearance on the show, but Jerry Ferrara, A.K.A. Turtle, was only truly blown away by one guest star—James Cameron.

When asked by a Watch What Happens Live caller to spill the celeb he most enjoyed working with, Ferrara named the Titanic director. (In the Entourage world, Cameron directed Vincent Chase in Aquaman.) “This was how nerdy I was,” Ferrara confessed. “I said to him ‘Mr. Cameron, I always knew we’d be working together, I just never thought that we’d be acting together! I thought maybe you’d be directing me.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, nope, that’s probably never gonna happen.’” Click the video above to watch Ferrara also give his thoughts on the recent scandal involving another Entourage guest star, Tom Brady.