Actress Emily Kinney may best be known for her role as Beth Greene on AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead, but the onscreen zombie fighter prefers to take a more cheerful route when it comes to her real-life Halloween costumes. We sat down with the star, who dished on her favorite Halloween costumes and what we might spot her in this year.

"I always love to have Halloween costumes where I can be interactive because most of the time I'm going to a Halloween party , so you want to be able to talk and hangout with everyone at the party," Kinney says in the video above. Another one of the star's dressing-up rule? Nothing too scary. "With being on The Walking Dead, we're always around that crazy zombie makeup and stuff like that, so I almost try to stay away from too scary of makeup because I'm like around it all the time. I try to do something a little happier!"

"One of my favorite costumes was a Magic 8 Ball," she shares. "It was so fun, I might actually bring it back this year because I'm hosting a Halloween party and I'm going to be playing and singing, and I thought that would be a good one for the crowd so they could ask me questions." Kinney's other best costume moment is definitely one that was suited to dancing. "One year I was Kesha and that was a pretty good one too," the actress shares. "I do like a dollar sign over my eye—I do like cool makeup. The Kesha one was really fun."