By Aly Semigran
Jan 29, 2015 @ 10:46 am

Boy, Jimmy Kimmel sure had a sexy show on Wednesday night. David Beckham appeared as his first guest, and then came Elle Macpherson. The renowned supermodel-businesswoman visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she chatted about her early days in the modeling world, how she formed her own empire, and all the celebrity experiences she had along the way.

Macpherson recalled how her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers inspired her to make her own swimsuit calendar, and did just that. She then invested her own money, made a making-of TV special, and created the calendars. She also told Kimmel about how she trademarked her famous nickname "The Body" ("I just thought it'd be a good business venture") and that she didn't worry about Jesse Ventura using the same moniker because "I don't think people are gonna mix us up." That's a fairly good assumption!

The Australian beauty, who wore a chic jumpsuit during her appearance, then reminisced about her early modeling days in the '80s, and shared some incredible stories about the famous people she encountered. Macpherson recalled one of her first modeling jobs in St. Barts, where she and a pre-music powerhouse Whitney Houston met Billy Joel while he was playing at a piano bar. And also there for a photo shoot at the same time was Christie Brinkley, who would eventually become Joel's wife.

In case that wasn't mind-blowing enough, Macpherson also told Kimmel about the time she had dinner with Michael Jackson and Donald Trump at a casino in New Jersey. "He was cool," she said of Jackson, adding, "He was sweet and funny." We don't know about you, but we could listen to Macpherson tell these incredible stories all day.

Watch Elle Macpherson's fascinating chat with Jimmy Kimmel by clicking on the video above.