By Aly Semigran
Feb 17, 2015 @ 10:33 am

If you watched the SNL 40 anniversary special over the weekend (and based on the blockbuster ratings the show pulled in, you most likely did), then you saw Edward Norton’s hilarious and memorable cameo playing the beloved Weekend Update correspondent Stefon, alongside none other than the man himself, Bill Hader. While the Oscar-nominated star of Birdman got a big laugh during his SNL 40 cameo, the actor told The Tonight Show host and SNL vet Jimmy Fallon that had a small problem with the way it all played out.

Norton pointed out that, despite being taller than Bill Hader (who showed up for the SNL 40 segment), he was made to appear smaller on screen. "It's like The Hobbit cam," Norton joked to Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday. (You know, it's that thing where Edward Norton is made to look like Bilbo Baggins.)

Still, overall the actor was just happy to be there and to have the opportunity to play such an iconic character. "The best you can do is Hader doing Stefon, Norton said of his impression, adding, "It was big shoes to fill, but it was fun."

Watch Edward Norton talk to Jimmy Fallon about SNL 40 by clicking on the video above.