By Marianne Mychaskiw
Dec 19, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

Our love for Drew Barrymore officially knows no bounds. As our standing beauty muse since the '90s (and we have photo evidence to prove it), the star has never shied away from a risky hair or makeup choice, and during our rapid fire round of Never Have I Ever, Beauty Edition, the star confessed that she doesn't regret a single one. "What I love about makeup is that I've never regretted any makeup I've ever worn," she tells InStyle. "Weirdly, I wore makeup out to my temples on my tenth birthday, and I still think it looks good." And as luck would have it, Drew's makeup obsession has pretty much been embedded in both of her daughters' DNA.

"Not only have I found my daughters playing in my makeup every single day of my life, but I now have to paint the walls in the hallway because they decided to ride their trolley cart through the apartment while getting one of these Color Proof Squeezy Lip Tubes and painting the entire walls with it, and themselves, and the trolley cart, and revealed it to me like, 'Ta daaa!'" she says in the above video. Impromptu renovations aside, we suppose it speaks to just how long-wearing Barrymore's Flower Lip Creme actually is. Her daughter Olive also seems to be quite the budding hairstylist, but more on that in her hilarious Never Have I Ever, Beauty Edition session. Hit play on the video above to watch it in full.