By Becky Freeth
Apr 29, 2015 @ 11:00 am

What does "beauty" mean when you're blind? The answer is: It's more than what's in the mirror. Dove’s powerful new campaign shows how blind women celebrate the same wonderful things about their bodies—and battle the same perceived imperfections—as women with eyesight, despite not being able to see their reflections.

But when Dove asked three partially sighted women for their interpretation of the word, they discovered that beauty is a feeling. A feeling that can be manipulated by love, energy, and inner strength.

The new ad, the latest in Dove's worldwide #ChooseBeautiful campaign, features poignant interviews with Swedish women Anna Bergholtz, now blind for 13 years, Ida Östlund, who has only ever seen light and dark, and Naomi Allbäck who lost her sight in her teens, who found more beauty in the world when they stopped looking in the mirror.

"It comes from within," Allbäck concludes. "If you radiate warmth, humility and love, then you're beautiful to me."

We can all be accused of spending too much time thinking about what we look like, but what Dove teaches us is to challenge how we perceive what's beautiful about us.