Are you beautiful or average? That is the question Dove asked participants in their latest campaign entitled #choosebeautiful. The experiment isn't about measuring up to society or the media's standards, but actually encourages women to realize they have the power to choose.

The video shows double-door entrances separate by signs that read "Beautiful" and "Average," placed in locations around the world. Every woman who walks into the building has the ability to choose which door they believe they should enter through.

Many pause before making their final decision and one of the participants said she found it confronting to stop and think, "Does the way you perceive yourself line up with the way the rest of the world sees you?"

Each morning we make so many decisions—from mandarin-infused soap to matte red lipstick. But Dove's latest short film has inspired us to decide each morning to #choosebeautiful. Who knows what will be on the other side of that door?