By Joshua Lyon
Sep 01, 2015 @ 8:30 am

Never let it be said that Demi Lovato doesn’t have a great a sense of humor about herself. The singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday and the host showed a cell phone video of her face planting at a party for her "Cool for the Summer" single! But she owned the tumble, laughing and jumping into a swimming pool right after it happened.

Kimmel was appropriately concerned, and asked if she’d been injured. “No, that was actually one where I didn’t get hurt,” she said. Unlike the time she fell broke her leg—and she wasn’t even on stage. “That was just in my living room,” she laughed. “And actually I fall so often that my fans are like, ‘It’s not a tour unless Demi falls.’”

“Have you considered wearing a helmet around?” Kimmel joked.

“I haven’t considered that,” she replied. “But for a while there I stopped wearing heels and it worked. But then I fell in flat shoes. And then I was like 'Well, you know what, [I] might as well look taller.' There’s a compilation video of me falling like 7 times, it’s hilarious.” (Actually, it's 11 times!)

As blasé as she is about her constant trips to he ground, Lovato did admit that her most recent fall got to her at first. “I was crushed,” she confessed. “I was like ‘Oh my god, it’s the L.A. performance, a pool party for my single ... I’m so embarrassed.’ And then I was like, ‘Whatever, what’s new?’” That’s the right attitude! Click the video above to watch the interview, and the one below to see her perform “Cool for the Summer.”