By Olivia Bahou
Feb 10, 2016 @ 3:15 pm

What’s wrong with being confident? Nothing, Demi Lovato learned, thanks to the Kardashians. The singer stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about how she found body confidence, and it turns out that America’s most famous reality family had a lot to do with it.

Lovato told DeGeneres that she grew up “in the era of when very, very, very thin people were the popular people in Hollywood, so that’s what I had to look up to.” The pressures that she put on herself lead to a battle with disordered eating.

“When the Kardashians came on the scene, that was the first time that I really associated curves with beauty, and it was just so new to me. I remember thinking, wow that’s so cool,” she said. “And even at time when I was still struggling with food, I was able to look at Kim’s curves and be like, I should really be proud of my curves.”

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Nowadays, Lovato is a symbol of body positivity, singing about being confident and baring it all for a “no clothes, no makeup and no Photoshop” shoot for Vanity Fair. Another thing that has her feeling confident? The support of her more than five-year-long relationship with beau Wilmer Valderrama.

“There’s a rumor that you’re engaged,” DeGeneres told the star.

“I don’t see a ring," she said, holding up her hand to the audience. "I wouldn’t mind if I saw one,” she continued. “There’s a time for everything, you know? We’ve been together this long and it’s like, obviously I’m not going anywhere and vice versa.” Watch Lovato's interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the video above.