We're all fans of David Beckham, but Kevin Hart takes it to the next level in the trailer for the duo's new campaign for H&M.

We got a glimpse of the two working together this summer on the Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham autumn 2015 collection ads, but now we've got the story behind the funny photos. In the trailer we find out Hart wants to play Beckham in a new biopic so he attempts to shadow his every move. This, of course, includes dressing exactly like him with the clothes from the collection.

For Hart's "research" he stands just like Beckham, steals his toothbrush, attempts to take an ice bath with him, and photographs him while sleeping. When an annoyed Beckham asks Hart how long he will be saying, he replies with a deadpan, "Until we get it right." Things don't look good for the soccer star.

“Kevin Hart is one of the funniest, smartest guys around. I love to do the unexpected for my H&M campaigns. I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I did making it,” Beckham said in a statement.

“To be able to make fun of a global icon like David Beckham is a comedian’s dream," Hart said. "I love fashion as much as I love sports, which is why I was so excited to star in David’s new H&M campaign."

The full video debuts on Sept. 28 and the collection hits stores Oct. 2. Watch the trailer above.