Fans of the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black can be a little intense. (Just see these Alex Vause tattoos!) And when Danielle Brooks, aka Taystee, appeared on Conan Tuesday night, she had her own stories to tell about OITNB's rabid admirers. “We have the coolest, most bold fans ever,” she told host Conan O’Brien. “It’s a little insane. I’ve had someone come up to me in my car. My window is down, I’m at a stoplight, and they roll up to me, then run to the car and kiss me on the cheek!”

Then there was the time when she crossed paths with two women at the ATX Television Festival in Austin: "One of them says, “Yo, I think that’s Taystee!” and the other one says, ‘Don’t be racist!’ I started laughing. I had to go back! I went back and I said, ‘It is me. You’re not racist!’” Click the video above to hear what she did next, and watch Brooks perform the gloriously raunchy “Taystee Rap” from Season 1 (it's SFW—the show beeps out the naughty bits) here: