By Aly Semigran
Feb 11, 2015 @ 9:33 am

What a fun, sexy week over on The Tonight Show! On Monday night's episode, host Jimmy Fallon had Jamie Dornan prove how Fifty Shades of Grey sounds sexy in any tongue. Then during Tuesday night's show he followed that up by having Fifty Shades leading lady Dakota Johnson prove that, actually, anything can be sexy. The actress played a round of the hilarious new Tonight Show game called, you guessed it, Anything Can Be Sexy.

For the game Johnson and Fallon had to take undeniably unsexy sentences like "Excuse me while I go slip into a pair of old sweatpants" and "Sure, I'd love to take off my underwear, but you'll have to excuse the cloud of Gold Bond powder" and do their best to make them sound sexy. Cue the actress and the host looking seductively into the camera and talking in a low, sultry tone.

Impressively enough, the two managed to (mostly) keep a straight face during the segment, and Miss Anastasia Steele herself even pulled off a sexy hair flip for her last round of the game.

Watch Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Play Anything Can Be Sexy on The Tonight Show by clicking on the video above.