In case you needed a mid-week dose of girl power, look no further than CoverGirl's new video series. For their just-launched #GirlsCan campaign, the brand teamed up with Soledad O'Brien to feature four inspirational women who have broken down barriers to achieve their dreams, further verifying the gospel truth preached by Beyoncé. Through these narratives, CoverGirl hopes to set an example for other women and girls to follow, and drive home the point that no dream or goal is too big.

One video that had us particularly misty-eyed was that of Geena Rocero, a transgender model and activist who is working to change civil rights legislation worldwide for transgender people, not to mention, can work it like a pro on the runway and behind the camera. Growing up in the Philippines, Rocero always dreamed of becoming a model, and after moving to the United States in 2001, she found success appearing in campaigns and fashion shows for major brands, and on covers of magazines. 

It was during her TED Talk last March that the supermodel shared her story for the first time and officially came out as a transgender woman. "I stand here as a proud transgender woman of color, a proud immigrant, and as a proud woman raised by a mother who was the breadwinner of the family. For the longest time, I wasn't so proud to talk about that and there was a lot of shame I was feeling to declare that part of my identity, but that has certainly changed," she told reporters at the campaign reveal yesterday in New York City.

"I would like a young transgender girl to see the story I've done with CoverGirl, me being on a billboard or magazine, to see that it's also possible for her to be that person—whether she wants to be a model, entrepreneur, doctor, or anything else. That's why visibility is so important." Can we get an amen?

Click play on the video above to see Rocero's story in full, then head over to right now to watch the rest of the series.