By Instyle
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

How To Work Beauty Fans Into a Tizzy: 101: have ColurPop Cosmetics leave a cryptic post on Instagram. The ultra-affordable brand—which is worshipped by beauty bloggers and celebrities alike—took to Instagram on Thursday to mercilessly tease us all.

With a photo depicting a thick, gooey, vaguely iridescent vat something, a marketing genius posed a question that's been messing with us ever since. "Any guesses as to what this could be? Hint... it's something we have NEVER launched before," the caption read.

Please watch this tantalizing footage of the product being stirred, because we need some help with this guessing game:

Oddly, our first thought was upper-lip wax, but that doesn't seem very ColourPop, you know? It can't be crystal-infused lip balms or macaroon-hued nail polish, because the brand has already done that. So, what could it be?

Though one creative fan guessed "mayonnaise," we're thinking sandwich condiments are out. Most eagle-eyed Instagram users guessed either face masks or concealers, which seems more like it.

If we had to put our money on something, right here, right now—cue Jeopardy music—we'd go face masks. But since we're not the betting kind, we'll just sit back and wait for the brand to release more teasers. And till then, we'll spray lots of calming crystal spray to quell the anticipation.

UPDATE: As of Friday night, we can gleefully confirm that ColourPop is about to drop a line of No Filter Concealers. Thank you, makeup gods, for not making us wait too long!

We can't wait for this line to launch. Judging from ColourPop's incredible array of color in past products, we're betting this concealer will be avaliable in just as wide a range of hues.