By Meredith Lepore
Jan 20, 2016 @ 9:15 am

Colin Hanks is a great actor, but it is always nice to have some experience to draw upon when you play a new role. Luckily for Hanks, who plays a new dad on the CBS comedy Life in Pieces, he can use the fact that he is also a relatively new dad in real life. He and his wife, actress Samantha Bryant, have two young daughters, Olivia Jane, 4, and Charlotte Bryant, 2.

In fact, they used one of Hanks's real life dad experiences in the pilot for the series. "I told this story about taking my firstborn daughter home from the hospital and my wife and I basically cried all the way home.... with joy. With nothing but utter joy. I told that story and the very next day it had been written in. I said, 'OK, but we're never gonna shoot that.' We shot it. And I told my wife and she said, 'You have to stop telling them these stories!'" he said. "I learned very quickly I have to be careful with those stories."

Then Colbert said what amazed him most about fatherhood is that the hospital let them actually leave with the babies.

"There's no real class. They don't check to make sure you're prepared," Hanks agreed.

"And it's 24 hours later and they're like, there's the door buddy," said Colbert gesturing to a door.

"I had to do more training to drive the car to home then I did to have the baby for the rest of my life," Hanks said.

As for whether new dad Hanks ever feels inclined to change the diaper of the baby who plays his infant on the show, he strongly said, "No because when it's not your baby you do not care." He's got to draw the line somewhere!

Watch more of Hanks and Colbert talk about dad life in the clip above.