By Joshua Lyon
Jul 24, 2015 @ 9:15 am

Apparently, the last time Colin Farrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was feeling particularly protective of his mother because of a new man in her life. “She was dating some guy, and you had your eye on him,” host Jimmy Kimmel recalled Thursday when the actor returned to the show.

All is well in the Farrell family now though. “They’re not living in sin anymore,” the True Detective star revealed. “They’re bona fide; they got married in my backyard. About two years ago now.”

“Was that a planned thing, or you just looked out in the yard and there they were?” Kimmel joked.

Farrell went along with it at first. “I just looked out in the yard and they were making love and I said, ‘Somebody get a priest because this is wrong!’” he kidded before getting serious.

“I think in your more mature years in life, maybe there’s not the same degree of subtext and game playing,” he said. “So it was a fast rack. Six months after they met they were at the alter, otherwise known as ‘by the flower pot in my backyard,’ and making the most beautiful declarations of love.” Mazel tov! Click the video above to find out why their love means so much to him.