Superhero movies are big on origins, so it’s only fitting that The Avengers: Age of Ultron actress Cobie Smulders stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to tell the backstory of her unusual name.

“I’m named after my great aunt on my father’s side, it’s short for Jacoba,” she explained to the host. (FYI that’s pronounced "you-co-ba"). “I’ve never used it my whole life though.”

“Do you ever run into Kobe Bryant and just go, ‘Hey!’” the host joked (unfortunately, Smulders has never had the opportunity to meet him in person).

Smulders, who attended the Avengers premiere in L.A. on Monday night, also described her new trick to dressing for the red carpet. “It’s tough being a girl sometimes,” she said, and explained how she rode in the car in just a T-shirt and Spanx and then when they neared the movie event's venue she finally donned her dress. "I mastered it! My girlfriend was the one who zipped me up as I’m planking in the backseat of the car.”

Sounds like a quick-change quite worthy of someone who plays a special agent!

Watch her explain the history of her name in the video above, and find out more about the on-the-go change here: