By Meredith Lepore
Mar 29, 2016 @ 9:15 am

Apparently, Claire Danes had some not-so-much-fun spring breaks during her time as student at Yale University. When the Homeland star played Fast Family Feud on The Tonight Show Monday, she revealed as much to host Jimmy Fallon.

The duo faced off for the first round and had to guess the most popular answers to the prompt: "Name something you call someone when you can’t remember their name.”

Fallon hit his buzzer first, but both players shouted out their answers (Fallon went with "guy," and Danes said, "dude"). When the actress realized it wasn't her time to guess, she dropped the F-bomb—and then tried to cover it by saying "Fudge!" It really wasn't her round: Fallon ended up stealing her "dude" answer (14 points) and went on to win the round with "buddy" for 35 points. And he was once again quick with the buzzer and won the second round by naming the most common text message abbreviation (LOL).

For Round 3 Danes finally hit the buzzer first, but when asked for "name something you bring home from spring break" she hesitantly answered, "Homework?"

Umm? "The worst spring break ever!" Fallon joked. "Dude, we were up all night doing homework," he said in a party-bro voice. "Oh my god!" Danes said in embarrassment and the host once again took the round.

Ironically, the category for the last round was, "What's a clean word you can say instead of a curse word?" The Homeland actress guessed her new favorite word, "fudge," which earned her 14 points. And since Fallon's "dang" was not up there, Danes finally won a round when she guessed "shoot."

Watch Danes play the hilarious game of Fast Family Feud in the video above.