By Joshua Lyon
Aug 12, 2015 @ 9:45 am

Mad Men ended on a high note, but Andy Cohen still had some burning questions about certain characters for Christina Hendricks when she appeared on WWHL Tuesday. “I want to go through some unresolved story lines,” he told the Dark Places actress. Lucky for us, she was game.

First, he wanted to know what happened to Herman "Duck" Phillips's adorable and loyal Irish Setter Chauncey, who was cruelly shoved onto the streets of New York City after Phillips got drunk. “I think Chauncey’s with the kids, right?” Hendricks said, with a hopeful tone in her voice. (Yes, let’s all go with that.)

Next he wanted to know what happened with Bob Benson and Joan’s relationship. “Still, like, pen pals. Best pen pals,” she said, before stating that she believes Sal went to work at another agency after he was fired.

“Was it Don and Peggy that created the Coke ad?” Cohen asked, before quickly clarifying, “Do you think it was Don that created the Coke ad?”

“Absolutely,” she replied with zero hesitation.

Hendricks also believes that Joan eventually told her son that Roger Sterling was his father, and then ended the round of questioning with a hilarious answer to Cohen’s query about whether Meghan ever made it big in Hollywood. Click the video above to find out what she said!