By Joshua Lyon
Jul 30, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Christina Applegate grew up surrounded by musicians—her mother dated a percussionist, so during her childhood the family was constantly on the road with everyone from Barry Gibb to Crosby, Stillsm, & Nash. Despite all that early access to rock royalty, she was still starstruck as an adult when she met—and kissed—a member of the Fab Four.

“Every year, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson put on this staged reading of Shakespeare plays,” she explained Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “And last time I did it, Paul McCartney was our musical guest and also was in the play." And during his rehearsal of songs that included "Hey Jude" and he’s doing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," she witnessed a sea of well-known actors (herself included) filming him with their phones.

The Vacation star didn’t stop at just recording him though. “In the play, the director and I decided that—we didn’t tell Paul this—I was the only one that had a scene with him, that at the end of the scene I was just going to plant a big kiss on him, and I did! He was, like, startled and he’s like, ‘My wife is in the front row!’ And I just went, ‘I don’t care!’” she recalled. “Everyone was screaming ‘You kissed a Beatle! You kissed a Beatle!’” Click the video above to hear about the time another Beatle scarred her for life when she was a little girl.