By Joshua Lyon
Jun 12, 2015 @ 8:15 am

Chris Pratt had no idea that he was creating a monster when he danced his way into America’s heart during the opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy. “I get a lot of folks that want to do a dance-off with me,” he told Conan O’Brien on Thursday. “But I love it! In what other world can a guy who’s just a mediocre dancer have that be the thing that they do?”

“Sometimes you must not feel like it,” the Conan host mused. “You’re trying to check into a hotel, it’s late, or you’re coming off of an airplane and people are like, 'Dance-off!' And you go for it?”

“I go,” the Jurassic World star said emphatically. “I’m not gonna lose. If you see me on the street, you challenge me to a dance off, it’s on.”

As it turns out, Pratt was an enthusiastic mediocre dancer long before his movie star days. As a seventh grader, Pratt and his older brother joined a dance contest while on a cruise with the family.

“The hot hit at the time was C & C Music Factory’s 'Everybody Dance Now,'" he explained. "They played that song and we just did the running man for like three and a half minutes. I was so exhausted by the end!” Watch the video above to find out if they won!