By Olivia Bahou
May 02, 2016 @ 12:45 pm

When Captain America: Civil War co-stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, no one could have predicted the epic dance battle that ensued. For Monday's epiwode, the stars played a new game called “Last Dance” that is like “hot potato with dancing.”

"The quicker you impress me and I think that you’re doing that dance, the quicker I press the button, but you have to freeze exactly in whatever position you’re in,” DeGeneres explained as the hilarious duo stretched and warmed up. “You don’t want to be the last one dancing or you lose.”

The co-stars expertly shimmied their ways through the Irish jig, the salsa, the moonwalk, and even lap dancing. But the most impressive moves were from Evans when he took on the “Single Ladies” dance. Captain America slayed Beyoncé’s choreography and ultimately won the battle after Olsen was stuck doing "the robot" when time ran out.

The fun-loving co-stars also gave each other quite a scare, with Evans telling DeGeneres, “It’s the best part about your show, that you endorse this type of behavior.” Evans popped out in Olsen’s dressing room backstage, but the actress got her revenge when “Iron Man” popped out, terrifying Evans in front of the audience.

“Yeah, I was fine!” Olsen cheered, having kept her cool during the scare. “You got me!” Evans said. “Can we play it back? I really want to see that.”

Watch the clips above for their epic appearance on Ellen, plus see the adorable co-stars hilariously address their romance rumors (“We’re actually engaged,” Olsen jokes).