By Joshua Lyon
Aug 14, 2015 @ 8:00 am

Usually when a celebrity shares a #TBT image on Instagram, it’s something silly or adorable. Conan O’Brien dug up an old post of Kevin Bacon’s on Thursday, and while the picture was definitely both of those things, it also came with a rather grim tale attached to it. His very '70s yearbook photo was captioned: “Ninth grade. Notice the pointy head? Got beat up the day before with my own shoes.”

“That’s a true story,” the Following actor told the host. “It’s always hilarious to get beat up with your own shoes. I was at the bowling alley [in Philly] playing pinball. On my way home I realized, you know, that I was going to be mugged. I was being chased. I went through this parking lot thinking that it was a short cut to my house and I thought I would be able to make it home fast or whatever.”

Just like in the movies, the short cut didn’t prove to be a very good idea. “They caught me in the parking lot and I gave them my money which is what I do if I get mugged," Bacon explained. "And then they had this idea that I might have had some money stuck in my shoe. … So they asked me to take off my shoes. And all of a sudden, BAM, I get smacked right across the head!” There was an upside though: “I had thought to myself, well nobody’s got sticks!”

“Such innocent times,” O’Brien cracked. Click the video above to hear the whole story.