By Joshua Lyon
May 20, 2015 @ 8:45 am

Bell-bottoms? Check. Frilly undershirt? You know it. Oversize bow tie with points sharp enough to stab someone? Naturally! The year was 1978, and George Clooney’s prom outfit was no less garish than any other dude's from that era.

The Tomorrowland star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, where the host confronted Clooney with the pictorial blast from his past. “That’s Laurie Laycock,” Clooney said of his date. “She married the basketball star Mike Bach."

Kimmel attempted to make a joke about Mrs. Laycock Bach’s phallic maiden name, but ever the gentleman, Clooney stopped him short. “Don’t get me in trouble.” he warned. “I’m from a very small town.”

Despite his perfectly center-parted hairstyle, Clooney wasn’t voted prom king the year he attended prom with Laurie. But that honor was recently bestowed on his nephew. “I mean, it’s ok,” he said, his voice sounding as though it was anything but. “I’m happy for him.” Click the video above to hear about Clooney's recent family reunion.