By Jenny Berg
Aug 02, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

Important announcement: If you run into a man who looks like Channing Tatum, holding a giant sack of cash—that just might be Channing Tatum. You see, the actor has a film to promote. And he's not going to do it by sitting in a hotel room answering the same damn questions again and again. 

On Wednesday evening, the Magic Mike star broadcast a a special message to fans via Instagram. In a short video, Tatum explained that he wanted to do something different for the press junket surrounding his upcoming flick Logan Lucky. 

"Normally, when an actor like me does a movie, you go and do press for it by sitting in a hotel room, and they bring in interviewers, and they ask you generally different versions of the same question," he explained. "Even though those are super fun, I want to do something different."  

So, how will Tatum spice things up? All we know so far is that he'll be driving across America, and that anyone who encounters him might get Logan Lucky. "I have some sponsors that might have given me giant garbage bags of cash that I might be doing fun stuff with," Tatum teased. 

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Consider our stalking mission fully activated!