By Olivia Bahou
Mar 10, 2017 @ 10:45 am
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More than two decades ago, Celine Dion recorded the song that became synonymous for Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, and now her new song for the live-action soundtrack is finally here. While John Legend and Ariana Grande put a new spin on her original ballad for the upcoming movie, Dion recorded a whole new track for the film, “How Does a Moment Last Forever.”

Being asked back for the new song had a special meaning for the singer. “I still remember 26 years ago, I was so young. It was the first experience for me singing with Peabo Bryson. I was so intimidated and impressed. It was the beginning of my career. I had everything to learn. They taught me so much. I never thought that 26 years later, from animated movie to real acting, that they were going to consider me singing again,” she told InStyle at the film’s L.A. premiere.

The song is, no doubt, gorgeous, but Dion had second thoughts about recording it. “I wasn’t sure if it was the proper thing to do,” she told reporters at the premiere. “Because I’m still in love with the first Beast, and the first rose, and Angela Lansbury, and the first Belle. It meant so much to me.”

Judging by the beautiful ballad she created, Dion definitely made the right choice. Listen to the enchanting song at top and download or order the full soundtrack here.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17.