By Sharon Clott Kanter
Feb 18, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

Brandy is back—the singer and actress is having one epic start to 2016, having released a new single, “Beggin & Pleadin,” and premiered her new BET show, Zoe Ever After. So, when she stopped by the InStyle New York headquarters recently to discuss all things entertainment, we had to take a moment to pause and ask what motivated her for this new chapter of her life?

“My purpose is for service, it’s not so much for fame or popularity,” she said. “It’s for a connection with the people that actually love me and need my music or need whatever I have to give to relate and feel like they’re not alone.”

She then continued to unload a series of lessons straight from the heart—especially how to deal with change, talk with yourself, and follow your true desires. “You have to go with where your spirit is leading you,” she said. “You can’t worry about what other people are thinking or what other people are going to say. You have to do you and be comfortable within yourself.”

Watch the video above for more motivating words.