The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most luxurious, exclusive events of the year. Not only is its guest list limited to the most A-list of stars, but it even has a fancy name that only Francophiles know how to pronounce just right.

Is it “Can”? Or “Cans”? Or “Con?” Is the “s” silent? Or maybe the “n”s? Not even a high school French education makes it possible to pronounce this name out loud without embarrassing yourself. Or worse, maybe you pronounce it correctly enough that no one in the room has understood what word you said, since it sounds very different than it’s spelled.

That’s why we’ve compiled this clip of 26 celebrities pronouncing “Cannes” in front of the cameras, in the hopes that they’ll help us figure out how to say it just right.

Watch the video at top for a handy PSA ahead of this year's festival, which kicks off on May 17. We’re going to say Angelina Jolie’s pronunciation is probably pretty spot on.