By Meredith Lepore
Jan 08, 2016 @ 9:30 am

Though the Golden Globes looks like one of the most glamorous nights in Hollywood, Cate Blanchett was letting everyone in on what it's really like. Apparently, it's a bit of a sweaty mess, she told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night on his talk show. "It's like a mosh pit actually; it gets very sweaty down there. There are tables and if there isn't enough ketchup on your table you literally lean and get [Leonardo] DiCaprio's ketchup from the table behind. You're all very tightly packed, it's quite sweaty." Though asking to use DiCaprio's ketchup doesn't sound too bad to us, Cate!

Blanchett, who is nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for the film Carol at this Sunday's Globes, also said the bathroom situation isn't too great either, at least for the ladies. "Normally you're so stitched into those dresses that you cannot drink anything because if you have to pee it's a disaster," she joked. "It's so hard being an actress!"

Though Kimmel pressed Blanchett about her next role in the Thor sequel, Blanchett kept relatively evasive. "Yes, Chris Hemsworth is busy, so I've been working out," she deadpanned. "They're just substituting one Australian for another, gender equality, why can't there be a female Thor? Anything with Lycra and a bit of a workout regime I could do with." Cate, we definitely think you could do it.

Watch Blanchett talk more about the Golden Globes in the video above.